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Car Air Freshener Tips

Our primitive star car air fresheners are heavily scented and long lasting.  When you first open the package,  the scent can be a bit overwhelming.  We recommend you keep the resealable bag in order to expose the air freshener slowly so the scent isn’t too much for you.  Because of the heavy scenting make certain to not lay an opened air freshener on any unprotected surface or fabric as the scent will transfer and could leave a mark.  In most cases it can easily be cleaned up but if left for an extended period of time it may become impossible to remove the stain.  If you are hooked on one scent – you don’t have to buy a new air freshener every time your scent fades.  Purchasing one of our oils in the same scent as your car air freshener, along with a dropper allows you to  refresh anytime you like.  Make certain to add a few drops of oil at a time until you reach the desired scent level.  Our scents are highly concentrated, therefore a little goes a long way. Remember our car air fresheners always ship for free! Find our air fresheners: &  Oils:


Benefits of a Tart Burner

There is nothing more romantic and relaxing then candlelight.  Candles set the mood for so many special occasions and are perfect for creating a peaceful environment for quiet evenings.  There are times though when you want the amazing fragrance to fill your home but due to safety concerns are unable to burn a candle.  An electric tart burner is the solution.  Without an open flame, scented wax chips or tarts placed in a “bowl” can be melted through the heat of a warming plate or light bulb.  Some examples of tart burners are shown here  The scented wax chips we offer are loaded with fragrance.  With just a few chips you can fill your entire home with your favorite fragrance – want more scent add more chips.  When you are ready to change your scent you simply let the wax cool and set up, put the “bowl” in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and pop out the used wax.  Our chips are available in 3 sizes and are the most economical of our scented melt products.  Long lasting and stronger then anything else on the market – available in 107 fragrances.