Wick Trimming 101

Every candle warning label states “keep wick trimmed”.  First and foremost wicks need to be kept trimmed for safety.  Never forget you have an open flame in your home. The larger the flame the greater the risk.  With jar candles, an untrimmed wick can overheat the jar and cause it to bust.  A pillar candle can exceed the melt point and cause a hole to blow out the side.  If either of these events occur there for certain will be a mess and the potential for your home to catch fire.  The failure to trim wicks will also lead to black smoke/soot.  When trimming the wick do not leave the trimmings in the candle.  The flame you want burning can also catch the trimmings on fire which can cause overheating and the same results as if you never trimmed at all! This is also true of any matches used to light your candles – do not throw them in the candle.  Not trimming can also impact the quality of the burn of your candle and shorten the burn time. Never trim a candle that is burning: extinguish flame, trim, remove trimmings, then relight. The wick trimmers we offer have an angle design allowing you to trim any size jar with ease – even large ones that are close to being done.  http://www.countrycandler.com/wt.html

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