Candle Soot/Excessive Smoke

When a burning candle has excessive smoke or soot it is an indication you need to trim your wick.  No one wants black soot to be on their ceiling and walls.  The higher the scent load (amount of fragrance) the greater the chance for smoking to occur.  It is imperative to keep the wick trimmed as short as possible to avoid this from happening.  See smoke – trim!  But of course there are a few of you - I call you “candle abusers” who exceed the manufacturer’s recommended burn times and refuse to trim your wicks.  If you are in this category, then invest in a soot blocker.  The soot blocker fits over a jar and captures the soot protecting your walls and ceilings.  Ours sell for $11.95 - very inexpensive compared to repainting! Available in two finishes

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