Apparently I just HAVE to have a blog. I must admit I don’t understand why. How much can I tell you about candles that you really want to know? I can go on for hours of course about how they are made and how strong my fragrances are and how long my burn time is and how many scents I carry and how many different formats my products are available in- but how long before your eyes glaze over? I suspect this will spiral into something other then candle talk very quickly. Since this is my first blog ever, I’m not going to worry too much about what I say as I doubt anyone will ever see it. Personally, there is only one blog I read and that is Kurt Sutter’s. Now if anyone actually does see this – before you go searching for sutterink, I need to warn you if you are easily offended – stay away!!! Sutter is a genius and hilarious, but he has very colorful language. So that is the extent of my knowledge of blogs. So who knows what this will turn into or if it will ever be seen. But I am doing as I’ve been instructed by Tami of Aries Marketing as she is the professional and me well I’m just a candle maker.

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